We are very happy to ‘see’ you on our site. We are a small dutch company, wih big ideals and dreams: make the world al little better by providing games to talk about that one subject nobody likes to talk about: death. Talking about death helps improving quality of life, helps living in the ‘here and now’, helps connecting people in health & sickness. Our games are Dutch games, but we can definitly be of use for you also. For example, we can help you design a game (analoge games), from idea to realisation. Interested? send us an email at gamesthatmatter@kpnmail.nl, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Conversation Dice: a simple but effective game to help people talk about grief, loss & end of life care.praatstenen 2

We also sell our own designed games. One of them, ‘the Praatstenen’ (Coversation Dice in englisch) is perfectly fit for use by non-dutch. The box and description are dutch, but for playing the game, no dutch is required. Especially for our non-dutch, english-speaking customers, we wrote an english tutorial of this game. The tutorial can be downloaded here, so you can print it. If you would like to order the Conversation Dice, please contact us here: gamesthatmatter@kpnmail.nl , or use the contactform on this site. Our webshop only allows purchases from the Netherlands & Belgium for now.

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